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Still water

From the spring, directly to the bottle and to your table.  Molisia still low-mineral water undergoes rigorous daily checks at every stage in the process of bottling to deliver our water straight from the heart of Molise.

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Lightly sparkling water

For those who love a bit of liveliness without changing its naturalness.  Our process of carbon dioxide has been studied and calibrated to add small bubbles to still Molisia with a  unique luster in the market

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Sparkling water

For those who prefer a more decided style.  Molisia low-mineral content water bottled with balance to satisfy the palate of those who love the sparkling taste, but still maintaining that natural ph balance and the character that makes Molisia unique.  Molisia sparkling water, more bubbles but also with perlage calibrated by the Di Iorio Spa process.

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Winning Packaging

The innovative form has large appeal and has won the Siliver Agora for the following reasons:

A particularly pleasing packaging in which the reflecting colours

are consistent with a sign of purity.

The anatomical shape and the originality of the labeling makes it a

winning package.